My name is Peter Weon and I'm an Experience Designer at R/GA based in New York City. Since I've started, I've worked with clients including Nike, Mailchimp, American Express, Netflix, Google, and ESPN.
Before R/GA, I've worked at places including Nike, IBM, Yelp, Carnegie Mellon, and Elevation Church. 
I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 2017 studying Business and Human-Computer Interaction. 
My strengths lie in experience design. 
With design, I aspire to speak on more than just a behavioral level but a heart level. I like to keep things simple and work in a way that connects deeply to the user. There is a quote that Mark Parker once said in an interview with Tom Sachs that I always keep in mind when designing - he said, "It’s important to avoid any ancillary noise that doesn’t add to the design... to get rid of the clutter and anything gratuitous." and that at the end of the day, "The strongest, most compelling, and most useful things in life are irreducible.".
In addition, there are 3 sets of principles I live by - each speak to different parts of my life but they all help guide the way I live and solve problems. 
2. John Mark Comer's Rule of Life - www.brdgtwn.church/rule
3. Bob Greenberg's 10 Principles of R/GA - www.rga.com/principles

That's a bit about me. If you'd like to connect, please shoot me an email at peterweon913@gmail.com. You can also access my resume here.

Peter Weon​​​​​​​
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