Elevation Church Mobile App
Introducing a system for people to stay connected with their communities.
Project: Product Design, Sketching, Rapid Prototyping
Team: Autumn English, Corey Pruitt, and Marquis Nobles
Skills: Sketch, Invision
Background: In the current version of the Elevation Church mobile app, there are only a couple selection of features that exist on the platform. There is the ability to watch the sermon from the previous weekend and see what events are going on at the church throughout the week. Although this was a great app in and of itself, we wanted to take it step further and dig deeper into what would bring more value into the app for the people of this community. We had a vision of having the new Elevation Church mobile app to be the hub for where people experience growth, work out their giving, and get involved in groups to cultivate a sense of belonging in the community. 
Project Goal: Have the new Elevation Church mobile app become the tool that brings out the best in people’s growth, gifts, giving, and groups for the people of the community.
My Role: I was a UX/UI Designer on the Elevation Church Digital team. I worked closely with the Design Lead to initiate the redesign of the Elevation Church mobile app. I was heavily involved in the ideation and prototyping phases for this project. We came up with various features that would strengthen the experience and bring value to the app. 
Trust the Process: Before any of our designs hit the screens, it always looks like this. Paper and pencil. Sketches on sketches on sketches. Iteration after iteration after iteration. Design is a constant refinement process and that's how we know we are genuinely solving problems for our users. 
New Product Features: All new on-boarding experience, re-purposed home page, and eGroups, the way to get plugged into the community and make life-long relationships.

On-boarding experience

Homepage experience

eGroups sign-up experience

Result: The new Elevation Church mobile app is currently being rolled out across all 14 campuses. As we speak, it is in testing with Elevation's core campuses in Ballantyne, Blakeney, Matthews, and Uptown campus. 
Future Implementations: In addition to the capabilities that the new Elevation Church mobile app allows, we want to further develop the 'Giving' feature on the app. Generosity is a way of living that we and our community strive to live and we believe in the importance on educating people on 'why' we give in the first place. We will share stories from the community on how people's giving and generosity has impacted their lives personally and their communities in a profound way, encouraging them that when something as little as money is entrusted into the hands of a higher being, the effect of it goes way beyond ourselves and our own understanding and it opens doors for miracles to pour out. Another feature that will be implemented is eTeams, a way for people to get serve on a team that brings their gifts and passions into practical application. People will have the ability to sign up for one of five teams (Guest Experience, eKidz, Production, Worship, or Creative). Here, people will connect with others in the community that are like-minded and further the mission of the local church.

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